Country of Origin Labelling Laws

01 July 2016 marks the beginning of the Country of Origin labelling laws for food products sold in Australia. Australia’s new Country of Origin Labelling laws will give shoppers more information about the origin of their food purchases, where they come from, and exactly what percentage of their product is sourced from Australian ingredients.

Australian Food Original Labelling Laws Effective July 1st 2016

With the introduction of the new food packaging label laws, packaging for food products must feature an indicating label displaying the proportion of Australian ingredients by weight, displayed in a statement of text and a simple bar graph to ensure quick and easy identification by shoppers & consumers alike.

The new laws apply starting today, with a two year grace period labels will be mandatory on all food products sold in retail stores from July 1, 2018. Businesses must use the two-year transitional period in which to design new packaging and apply legally binding labels. GaP Solutions is proud to be the first to support retailers in supplying country of origin labels & country of origin labelling equipment for retailers to use ensuring they remain legally compliant.

After years of campaigning from industry bodies, Australia should be proud of its new labelling laws to encourage Australin consumers to buy locally. Transparency, informative food labelling will ensure this country continues to prosper local industry.