What POS ‘breakthroughs’ do you see coming in the future? What sort of things can we expect to see in 10 or 15 years time? Will self-serve checkouts become increasingly important in convenience?

Marketers are forever driving closer and closer to the point of purchase for consumers, combine this with personalisation through the internet of things and it’s easy to be scared of just what the future may hold.

Reaching a checkout and receiving promotions customised to your shopping history already exists online through the use of cookie caching and user tracking, taking this to the real world is certainly a breakthrough coming in the future. How the digital sphere and the real world will amalgamate to bring completely custom shopping experiences, personalised and targeted to consumers at the point of purchase is a space to watch. The technology will come first, and the resistance to this technology will be a hurdle we as humans will have to overcome.

Self service checkouts have received their share of praise and rejection, what’s most important to convenience stores going forward is giving consumers choice. Recent fanfare suggests convenience stores need to weigh up the costs saved in wages versus the dollars lost to consumers who cheat the self service checkout. Further research to date seems to suggest that the costs saved in employing self service checkouts outweigh the dollars lost to consumers who cheat the system.

Self service checkouts will become increasingly important in convenience and it’s important retailers embrace the lower running costs of self service checkouts versus operator controlled POS retail solutions whilst not disgruntling their consumer base.